Monthly Archives: November 2014

A letter from us women to our men on Thanksgiving.

Mops are sexy.

Dear Love of My Life,

I love you and I am so thankful for you.

Now, I’m just going to put this out there.  Most men don’t truly understand that helping their woman clean up after Thanksgiving, or doing housework of any kind is FOREPLAY.  We’ve all read the studies, and sex is hardwired into a woman’s brain.  Put down Maxim for a second and stand-by for a newsflash and a free sexy tip.  Cleaning sucks and I usually clean up after you, and that’s OK because I love you, but nothing says that you love me too like a load of laundry or cleaning up after Thanksgiving.   A little help around the house may go a very long way. Continue reading

Growing up wild and free.

notesGrowing up wild free is a phrase I would use to describe my childhood.  On a typical Saturday morning my parents would sleep in.  My brother and I made all kinds of noise inside our Levitt house while we argued over which television shows we would watch.  For some reason we thought that H&R Puff and Stuff, Sigmund and the Sea Monster and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were amazing shows.  Let’s not forget Land of the Lost and Isis!   Go ahead, I know you want to click on those links!  I would always try to dominate the selection process, and make sure that my brother chose time slots that I didn’t care about.   He eventually caught onto my game as he got older, and those Saturday mornings just got louder. Continue reading

Trust takes forever to repair, but it’s not impossible.

trustMy father used to say that “trust is not given, it is earned.”  This used to drive me and my siblings crazy.  On paper it sounded great, but as a kid, who would from time to time get caught in a lie or some indiscretion, it was pure torture. When we did something wrong he would also say  “you’ve lost my trust and now you have to earn it back.”  I can remember just groaning inside at the thought of the monumental task ahead of me. Continue reading

Comparison is the thief of joy.

comparisonYesterday I returned from a short but wonderful family vacation.   It was on that vacation, sitting at the pool, that I started to think about how comparing oneself to others just leads to misery.  It is such a waste of time but we all do it every single day.  We do this on social media, in conversations about our children with a friend, and with ourselves as we strive to fend off our age.  I believe we are faced with the temptation to judge ourselves and others on a daily basis. Continue reading