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The New Year’s resolution to keep.

bekindToday is New Year’s Eve and I am so grateful to have had a healthy and happy Christmas.   My family and I have enjoyed many lazy pajama days this past week!  Although I’m not a big New Year’s eve kind of girl, I do have one resolution this year.  This one resolution is so powerful that is has the potential to bring happiness and beauty to your life.  This resolution can also have positive effects on your health, your mind and your body.

Be kinder to yourself. Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is….

Not quite the family Christmas card but it will do!

Not quite the family Christmas card but it will do!

Oh the season to be jolly!  Once again I find myself not quite able to make that Christmas card deadline but thank goodness I have this wonderful channel called the internet!   I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Dwali and well, let’s all just say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here’s my Christmas list.  If you see the big fat red guy please remind him that I’ve been a good girl. Continue reading

A gingerbread house, self image and my son.

Even gingerbread houses need supporting beams.

Even gingerbread houses need supporting beams.

Last night I helped my son post a picture on his blog page that he writes for his English class.   He needed to learn how to post a picture of our lackluster gingerbread house.  Martha Stewart and I could never be friends.  The roof to the house kept sliding off and I could not figure out how to make that darn thing stick.  My brother, much like our father and his love for duct tape, decided that the solution was to prop the roof up with pretzel sticks.   VOILA!  Problem solved! Continue reading

The beauty of making a mistake.

bloggingmidlifequoteMistakes are funny little creatures.  Sometimes they enter your life quietly and alone.  One solitary single mistake enters your life and you learn from it and make a conscious decision not to repeat it.   Other times a mistake will bring friends.  The first one enters into your life, and then a year later an identical one shows up again and again and again.  Until…..until you find the focus and strength to raise your head and say “ah…perhaps I keep repeating history, keep repeating my mistakes, and perhaps it is time to learn so that I can stop the insanity.”  This is the point at which you truly succeed.  The point at which you are able to overcome adversity and become a better person. Continue reading