Monthly Archives: April 2015

Do you still have dreams?

dreamWe talk about dreaming big in my house. Let me correct that statement for a second…I speak to my kids and my husband about fulfilling their dreams.  I’m a great motivational speaker, just ask my family and friends.  This morning I was on FIRE!  I was speaking to my son about his dreams, his brothers’ dreams and his father’s dreams. Today my talent for motivational speaking backfired on me. My son turned to me and said “Umm…mom, what are your dreams? Surely you have some?”

I opened my mouth. I closed my mouth. For once I was at a loss for words. I started to stammer.  “Umm, well….I have accomplished a lot. I have a home, financial security, a good husband, great kids, a career and now my role is to support my family so they can achieve their dreams.” Continue reading

Lessons learned from a new “sports” mom.

lacrosseMy first child wasn’t into sports when he was young.  In college he started to play on recreational leagues.  I was the envy of other moms who had to schlep their kids to practice several times a week and who couldn’t sleep in on Saturday.  I didn’t realize what my son was missing.   If I had to do it all over again, I would have focused more on getting my son involved in something he loved, whether that was sports or another activity.  My poor first child was definitely my motherhood trial run! Continue reading

Appreciate your chaos

RyansRallyI wasn’t going to write a blog post today.  It’s an inopportune time of day, the witching hour, when my children are about to come home from school.   However, after visiting Ken Diviney’s blog that he has dedicated to his son Ryan Diviney, I had to sit down and write.

I was feeling so tired and dragged myself around all day.  Debate clubs, lacrosse, Boy Scouts, basketball, tutors and honors classes fill my children’s days.  There are project deadlines, my husband’s job stress and my part-time job to juggle.  Managing my most important role, the supporting foundation for three boys and a husband causes me to sometimes zone out during the day.  Today was one of those days when I mentally shut down.  I spent the day in anticipation of them descending on me like chaotic tornadoes that need a path through the house.  I did nothing productive in order to reserve my sanity and strength.  I felt burned out. Continue reading

Be amazing, not normal!

beamazingQuite frequently I embarrass my children by singing a song into an invisible microphone while driving my car.  Sometimes I will even sing to the person or car next to us at a stoplight.  It drives my sons absolutely crazy and that makes me laugh even more.  Recently I noticed that one of my kids has started to join me.  He understands that it’s OK to embrace laughter and silliness and reject the normal.

I have one life and I’m damn well going to live it the way I want to.

No one taught me this lesson better than my grandmother.  The matriarch of our Italian American family, my grandmother never apologized for who she was.   I can remember being in church with her and listening as she belt out the hymns louder and higher in tone than anyone else around us.  She had no intention to quietly praise her God, she sang it out so that he would hear it loud and clear!  I can remember seeing the other parishioners turn around and look at us and she paid them no mind.  In fact, I swear, she sometimes got louder!  Having her in my life has made me a stronger and better person.  She has taught me to embrace who I am and to not apologize for it. Continue reading