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Letting go of my children, one toy at a time.

toysI had six hours to complete the mission.  The objective:  clean out my sons’ closets and eliminate the toys and junk that they insist they need but never touch before they return home.   Three large lawn trash bags and two clothing donation bags later and mission accomplished!  What I didn’t expect was the emotions that I felt during this process.    Since the day they were born, I’ve been letting go of my children… toy at a time.

It starts with the baby toys.  You keep the high chair, the bouncy seat and the baby jungle gym for the next baby.   Then you’re done having babies and you still keep them, because after all, you are the best auntie/friend/neighbor ever when you pull out the baby support system!  Then there are no more babies in your circle.  You keep the baby toys anyway.   One day you realize they are collecting dust, the high chair has been recalled by the manufacturer,  the jungle gym is missing pieces and the bouncy seat looks flat instead of angled.  You pack up and donate the baby toys.  You let them go and try to hold on tight to the memories of your beautiful chubby angels and their innocent smiles. Continue reading

Love….don’t follow your heart.

heartandmindA letter on love.

I am so proud of you.  You are incredibly strong, kind and ambitious.  Everyone who meets you is affected by your lively spirit, your infectious smile and your empathy for others. Throughout the years you have come to me for help with your homework, advice on friends, and on decisions that were big and small.  Sometimes you took my advice and sometimes you did not.

However, now I have something so important to say to you that I have written it down and have printed it out.   As you go through life and encounter those who would seek your heart, please remember this:

Follow your heart in many of your endeavors, but not in your love life.  When it comes to affairs of the heart, it is critical to make sure that your heart gets an agreement from your head. Your head, your intuition, that little voice that speaks to you in times of need… not let your heart silence that voice.  TRUST your head and then and only then….let your heart follow.

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