Monthly Archives: July 2015

Meet my children…”Night” and “Day.”

imageMy mental health is at an all time low this week! The final straw consisted of two separate events.  Oh…who am I kidding, the final straw was like a huge haystack spread all over my house with me under it and my kids jumping on top of the pile.

I went into my gazebo to get some peace and quiet and to work on a writing project.   I had just gotten into the zone, when my youngest child runs outside,  screaming his bloody head off.  He was so loud that I looked behind him to see if an ax murderer was chasing him.  After I checked him for injuries and after he drank some water, the horrendous story came pouring out.  During a typical fight and while he was calling for mom, or rather screaming for mom, his brother spit in his mouth. Continue reading

Summertime and the sensitive soul.

Like-most-sensitive-souls-you-already-knowWhen I was a young woman I believed in the goodness of all people.  I was naive and applied my own emotions to others.  Intellectually I didn’t understand the differences in values and perspective that humans have.   I also didn’t understand that I was a highly sensitive soul.   I learned this truth much later in life and could have saved myself a lot of heartache and pain had I listened to the repeated idioms my parents loved to share during my childhood.  One of my mom’s favorite was “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck….it’s a duck.”  The other phrase she used was “When someone tells you who they are…believe them (unless it’s posted on Facebook). Continue reading