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Parental contract with my child’s teacher.

Dear Teacher:

studentEvery year you start out with a decorated classroom and a twinkle in your eye.  When June arrives you sometimes look a bit frazzled, a bit tired, and seem to long for summer vacation.   My children start school in just a few days.   It strikes me how many moms are so happy that it is time to send their children to school.    They forget that although they get a much-needed break, they are passing their sweet little children to you.  For the next ten months you will care for them, teach them, guide them and sometimes handle the frustration that comes with herding a bunch of wild cats.  We moms will be working, going to the gym and having lunch with friends while lamenting that the “kids get home soon!” Continue reading

Tend to your own lawn, the Ashley Madison list could have happened to you.

It is not your place to decide if you wreck this.

It is not your place to decide if you wreck this.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, the release of the Ashley Madison list is one of the hottest news items of the day.  Ashley Madison is a web site for people who are looking to have an affair.  Hackers broke into the site’s database and demanded that the entire site be shut down.  When their demands were not met, the hackers released the names of 28 million people worldwide who have signed up and paid for the service.  The tag line for the company’s site is “Life is short, have an affair.”  Welcome to the age of the internet.  There are no more secrets.

A member in a local Facebook group that I follow published the complete list for Fairfax and Loudoun counties.  Women got out the popcorn and poured over the list, noting that their neighbors, loved ones and even well known sports figures were members of the site.  Questions  came up, questions like “should I tell the wife?”

I have your answer.  No.  Tend to your own damn lawn.  This could have been you.  It is not your place to be the catalyst to hurt another human being, wreck a family and revel in someone’s sadness.  Chances are they already know and you don’t need to add to their humiliation. Continue reading

Seeing clearly through broken glasses

Thick as thieves!

Thick as thieves!

In the last couple of years I have needed to wear eyeglasses for driving.  My perfect vision has joined my perfect skin and has skipped off into Never-again-land.  I’ve secretly always wanted to wear glasses because they can be a great accessory.  Eyeglasses are magical, they can transform you into “sexy smart” woman or “oh my she needs a shower” woman.   Here in Sweden, I wear mostly old sweatpants and jeans so you can guess which look I usually attain. Continue reading