Monthly Archives: September 2015

Remember all the people that you used to be.

largeThere is nothing I desire more than the opportunity to experience life throughout my golden years and beyond.  A recent friend’s milestone birthday, the loss of a neighbor and a quote sent to me by my father brought this realization to the forefront of my mind this week.

I want to experience all of the phases of my life.  I’ve been a child, a teenager and a mother and I can’t help but wonder what kind person I will become in the next twenty years.  Perhaps this is why we intensely mourn those lives that are cut short.   Living out one’s years is an honor and a privilege and somewhere in the recesses of the soul we understand the value of our life experience.   It brings to mind an indelible truth.

The truth is that throughout your life you become different people.   Continue reading

When did I get COOTIES?

cootiesWhen did I get Cooties?  Every time I reach out to kiss my 12 year old son’s head or give him a hug, he withdraws in a state of absolute panic!  Apparently I forgot to get my Cootie shot.  Cootie shots don’t have a long standing immunity.  During my childhood we would give each other cootie shots by criss-crossing our fingers while shrieking “COOTIE SHOT! COOTIE SHOT!”

Today it’s done by drawing two circles on your friend’s arm.  Kids are weird. Continue reading

Sometimes life is not black and white, it’s purple!

112845-Life-Is-Not-Black-And-WhiteMy personality is quite different from that of my husband and my middle child.  The two of them believe that life is either black or white, and they believe that you can either be right or wrong.  They are also good at math.

I see unicorns and rainbows.

My son and I were discussing this very difference the other day.    “Mom, you think things are purple,” to which I replied “Oh yes and sometimes they are!”  This was his way of describing my tornado personality.  I get some of my approach to life from my parents.  My mother plows through life with a vengeance and my father can fix anything with duct tape and determination. I make my son extremely nervous with what he perceives as a uncontrolled and chaotic way of thinking and doing things.  This became even more apparent during the first week of school as I dumped his binders on the counter top and started to tell him how I would approach organizing his stuff. Continue reading