Monthly Archives: February 2016

There is strength in forgiveness.

strengthinapologyTrue inner strength and courage lies in one’s ability to apologize and to forgive.  This truth is a scary one because it may require an open, beautiful, and exposed heart.  A conflict with another human being, regardless of who it is, is truly never one-sided.  Understanding the complexity of our interactions and emotions can be difficult but can also be enlightening and rewarding.

I knew I would make many mistakes when I became a mother.  That’s why I decided that I would apologize to my own children when I messed up.  When I speak to my children, especially after making some stupid mistake, I remind them that in many ways I am still this little ten-year old girl who somehow became a mom and is trying to figure it all out.  Isn’t that really the truth though?  Sure we acquire more wisdom as we age, but I for one still have the heart of a child.  I don’t think I will ever truly stop learning how to do this motherhood thing, how to do this life thing, how to do this living thing.

I screw up.  I apologize.  Even to my own children.

It is such a powerful act of love.  Honesty is a key ingredient.  Honesty with yourself and honesty with others. Continue reading