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Political posts, rants and Facebook.

401af15529c096a70da250cbbf5cf78cNothing makes people more miserable on social media than political posts and rants on Facebook.  I respect your choice to support a different candidate and to vote for your candidate.  I respect your freedom to write whatever you want on Facebook.   Here are some of my thoughts on the subject and why you may want to think again before you post that next status update. Continue reading

Super Mom! Super Wife! Super Tired?

IMG_1026My last blog post was written at the very beginning of summer.  Summer, self-care and boundaries outlined the steps I wanted to take to improve my quality of life.  I am committed to staying on track!

I recently saw a mom with a stroller and her diaper bag had the following words imprinted on it.  Super Mom.  Super Wife.  Super Tired.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is why I wrote the blog in the beginning of the summer regarding boundaries.  I still have to ask though, how much of that “super tired,” is a result of each one of us taking on too much?    What kind of resolutions will help you reduce the stress in your life?  Today is August 10th and New Year’s Eve is only three weeks away.

Huh? Continue reading