Leave Barron Trump Alone!

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Dear celebrities, the media and all citizens:

Stop picking on Barron Trump.  Just stop it.  He’s ten years old.  The next four years of his life will set some serious groundwork for the man he will become.  You cannot sit on your high and mighty pedestal pontificating about Donald Trump’s character and then turn around and pick on a ten year old.  That makes you a hypocrite.

Barron Trump is the same age as my son Max.  If Max had to sit through a long day of pomp and circumstance, he would not only be whining but would probably fall asleep in his chair.  Barron was extremely composed for a ten year old.  I loved watching him play peek-a-boo while his father signed his first order of business.

If my son Max was walking in a parade dedicated to his father, wearing a suit, feeling proud and I tried to grab his hand in public, he may have torn his hand away.  He would want to be perceived as strong and proud and would not want me to lovingly try to hold his hand.  Melania did what all mothers have done, she held her husband’s hand and in the moment, reached for her son out of love.  Intuitively she probably understood why he pulled it away.  Any preteen boy could have reacted the same way.   Why is this news?

Max is blessed in life.   I am constantly amazed at how my children are growing up.  Compared to the majority of children in the United States, my kids definitely have the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths.  My husband and I have worked hard, have made sacrifices and we have provided this lifestyle for our family.  So has Donald Trump but certainly on a more grandiose scale.   So who are you to punish Barron for his lifestyle?

Leave Barron Trump alone.   Stop being the bullies you claim to so despise.  We the people are watching not only our President; we are also watching you.


An imperfect parent

One thought on “Leave Barron Trump Alone!

  1. Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

    You are quite right. My teenagers would’ve struggled to sit though the day that Barron had to sit through – even if I’d allowed them to sneak their phones or iPads in with them!

    Let’s remember, we must not blame the child for the failings of his father…


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