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Holding on for dear life, driving with my teenage son.

teenMy eldest son is driving.  A late bloomer, he got his license last year and then went off to college without a car.  This translates into not enough driving experience to protect him and others on the crazy roads near my house.   I wasn’t very concerned at first, because a trip to the grocery store, the frozen yogurt store, and those trips around the local neighborhood make for good practice.   This summer however, he will work as an intern in a company that requires him to jump on the highway every single day.   Although he is fairly confident in his driving abilities, his mom is a nervous wreck. Continue reading

Reclaiming summer for our children!

No fancy beach chairs for us!

No fancy beach chairs for us!

I grew up in Long Island, New York, in a middle-class neighborhood.   The summers were full of laughing children, and the ice cream truck was a regular visitor.  Sprinklers spun water webs, bikes littered the street and kids spent hours in the park.  Summer consisted of  ice pops, bubble gum, and recreational baseball games where the girls would sit on the bleachers for hours and talk and giggle.  Teenagers jumped in their parents’ car to get out of the house and fireflies filled the night sky while kids ran around with jars. Continue reading

The day I became a creative Swedish Fraggle.

fragglesI’ve always had this secret desire to play piano, paint some kind of masterpiece, build tree houses or rock gardens in such a way that would make my Pinterest friends cry with disbelief and admiration.  Alas, that is not who I am!  For one, I am too impatient, so decorating a cake doesn’t get any better than slapping some Betty Crocker chocolate frosting over a cake.  Quite frequently I will frost a cake when it’s too warm and wind up making a pile of mush.  My second character flaw is that I don’t have the talent, and my rock gardens become rock piles and my drawings look a bit like stick-figures.  I am however, extremely persistent. Continue reading

Finding your why.

FYW_graphicMy sister-in-law recently showed me a video made by her fitness trainer.  The trainer spoke about “finding your why.”  In the context of this video, the trainer’s “why” was her health, she worked out to be healthy and to avoid some of the genetic pitfalls that ran in her family such as diabetes.  The video made me think that “finding your why” is really important when you want to make a positive change in your life.  The trick is that your “why” has to be linked to an important goal or value that you truly have.  Let me explain. Continue reading

Who Am I? Be the person you would want to meet.

The golden rule and identity!

The golden rule and identity!

Recently when giving advice to one of my sons I used the typical cliché “just be yourself!”  His response to my sage advice was to say “Yes, but who am I?”   Those words made me pause.  Take a second to answer that question for yourself.  Who are you?  If you search the internet for the phrase “Who am I?” you will find many answers including:

  • I am strong
  • I am beautiful
  • I am worthy
  • I am enough
  • I am honest
  • I am kind

What you don’t see is:

  • I am selfish
  • I am narcissistic
  • I am insecure
  • I am materialistic

Our children don’t yet have the answer to this question.  This question “Who am I?” is answered through experience and how we are taught (or not taught) how to handle adversity, success and failure.  This question is answered through living.  The answer to this question is earned, and yet I had to answer my son’s question.  I had to answer his question in such a way that it gave him something to strive for. Continue reading