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What does the fox say? Apparently, not a word.

IMG_1977 - Version 2I was outside watching my dogs when a casual glance in the direction of my neighbor’s yard caused me to startle.    My heart jumped as a fox stared at me from the boulder in her English garden. There he was, and there I was, locked in an intense staring contest.  Like deer caught in headlights, he didn’t move and neither did I.  Did he have rabies?  After what seemed like an eternity, it dawned on me that he was fake.  A phone call to my neighbor and some laughter on her part followed shortly thereafter.  Her son insisted on purchasing this garden critter and really liked it.  Well, who was I to judge?  I’m the person who stared it down for goodness sake.

Then, about a month or so later a phone call and the question  “Have you seen the fox?”  As I looked out of my window I noticed that the boulder was devoid of any animal, fake or otherwise.  The fox was gone and no one knew where it went.  My husband didn’t know, I didn’t know, my neighbor’s children didn’t know and my kids were clueless.  Her son was upset by this critter crime. Continue reading

Avoid losing your sanity when your kid has a stomach bug.


Double whammy, notice the unused trash can.

Double whammy, notice the unused trash can.

Week four and we are in back-to-school sickness hell. I’m not sure why the puke fairy decided to pay us a visit.  After all, we’ve already seen her sisters;  the chicken pox fairy and the ragweed fairy since school started.  I’ve had one week of normal life. The rest of my time has been spent with boogers, sneezes, vomit and diarrhea. It’s clear that this has driven me over the edge since I think it’s completely socially acceptable to write about this.

To add insult to injury, it is impossible for a child to EVER puke in the toilet. They will puke on the bed, they will puke on your carpet, on your couch cushions, but never ever will they puke into the wastebasket or toilet. Today this reduced me to tears, especially since I am running out of paper towels. Wasn’t it just last year I was elbow deep in this mess? So let’s really make this fun. Let it snow a lot this winter so we can have snow days, pull out the chocolate chip cookie dough, and add on another ten pounds. Continue reading

Positive thinking and yoga, the most important lesson of my day.

shutterstock_130808666Today I went to my first yoga class at Kaleidoscope Yoga and Wellness.  My experience there fills me with hope.  Yoga has always intimidated me.  To start with, I’m from New York, and we are not the most calm and chill bunch in the good old United States of America.  This usually spills over in the form of bluntness, sarcastic humor and sometimes a bit of cynicism. New Yorkers can also be a bit competitive.  When you grow up with one hundred people sharing the same square foot of space, you tend to adopt some pretty interesting personality traits.  Being centered is not a normal state for me.   I’ve also been a bit sedentary in the last six months and so I’m very thankful that I’m an honest person.   When our instructor asked if I was “new” to yoga I told the truth.  Thank goodness I did. Continue reading

Friendship defined.

friendsElizabeth was my first true friend.  We met as children and lived around the corner from each other.  Some of my most precious childhood memories involve Elizabeth.   We were together all the time, would beg our mothers for sleepovers and would pray that they would say yes.  There was no one else like her.  She will always have a special place in my heart.

As we entered puberty we started to drift apart.  She would go away during the summer and I would miss her terribly.  Then, one summer while she was gone, my cousin Dawn visited and we started to hang out with the boys.  Liz returned from her summer vacation to find that I had changed.  I was more interested in watching the junior high school boys play baseball than anything else.  We started to see each other less and less and we both felt the loss, and to be quite honest it was a very confusing time.  Years went by, and my family moved out of New  York.  The distance between us became permanent. Continue reading

Let Rock Rule. What the Aerosmith concert taught me.

IMG_1937I found myself at the Aerosmith concert.  I didn’t even understand that I was lost until I was standing only seven rows from the stage, singing the lyrics to “Dream On,” and feeling the energy that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were emitting.   Their performance was electrifying and so were the thoughts that went through my Ally McBeal-like brain.

1. The size of the mistakes you make in life are relative to how big of a life you live. That doesn’t mean you should play it safe. Aerosmith is a band that has had its share of ups and downs.  I’m sure each member of that band has had their regrets and is still making peace with their past. They are living BIG lives. Big lives can lead to big mistakes. It’s both an honor and a curse. I have not lived that loud and with that much energy, but I have still made mistakes.  Forgiving myself and doing better is the key to my future. In addition I have to remember that it is never too late to LIVE. Your best life is not behind you. It can be in front of you. LIVE! Continue reading

The back-to-school hangover.

IMG_1226The first week of school is coming to a close.  Every morning I wake up with butterflies in my stomach as I think about the chaos that is about to ensue.  I envy the other mothers who say that their children are independently self-motivated in the morning, because mine are definitely not.  My kids sing while brushing their teeth, and giggle as the toothpaste dribbles down the front of their clean shirts.  My angels hide behind closet and bathroom doors until their brother passes, in order to elicit a wild scream.  My model children spill their milk, drop food on the floor, and need to spend at least 20 minutes in the bathroom every single morning before rushing to make the bus.  Oh let them be late you say?  Sure…you drive in that carpool line from hell!  I haven’t started yelling….yet.  I have, after only three days of school, started to say these annoying words: “TIME CHECK!  6:43!  TIME CHECK! 6:53!  TIME CHECK WE HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW!  LET’S GO YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE WHERE ARE YOU, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARE STILL POOPING!

OK…perhaps I have started to yell. Continue reading

Take a vacation every day.

DSC03287Tomorrow the kids go back to school.  Summer vacation is over and the routine and wild buzz in our daily lives are about to return.  Reflecting on how rejuvenated I’ve felt after being on vacation, I have come to a startling conclusion.  I need to take a vacation every day and you do too!  Bear with me on this one.  You’re at the beach, listening to the sound of the waves crashing and you feel the ocean breeze in your hair.  You hike through the woods, enjoy the solitude of the forest and stop to rest near a bubbling brook.  You go to a lake, float lazily on your raft, and feel the warmth of the sun and the cool water on your toes.  You breathe and stop to reflect on life.  Your kids do the same, through play and through instinct.  They create and build sand castles, jump the waves in the ocean and skip stones across the lake’s surface.  Childish laughter echoes through the air.  The soul feels rejuvenated. Continue reading