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Birth order and the decline of my motherhood skills.

birth-order-funnyMy eldest child has been extremely vocal lately about my declining motherhood skills.  He doesn’t understand why I let his two brothers get away with so much.  At first I tried to defend myself but now I’m owning it.   In some ways I’ve improved and have become not only older but wiser.  I’ve learned that each child has their own personalities.  You can only help them be their very best and no amount of obsession will turn them into something they are not.   I’ve learned not to compare children, whether they are my own or others.  I’ve learned that teaching my boys empathy and social skills matter more than any subject.   However for all of those words of wisdom, I know that my eldest has a point, and I have slipped a little. Continue reading

Kids at play, keep the poop away!

curbdogDear neighbor:

I think you know who you are, you’re the one who thinks it’s perfectly fine for your dog to take a big old stinky dump at our kids’ bus stop.  Forget the motivational posts that I usually post, this one’s for you.

Those of us who have had dogs or currently own dogs, know that the days are now gone when you could leave a great old pile of stinky feces and hope that no one will notice.   We notice and our kids notice.  In fact, one of our children stepped in that pile and had to endure a day of ridicule because he smelled up the bus.  Thanks for that.  I hope that when your child or grandchildren become of school age they don’t have to endure that humiliation.  When I stand at the bus stop with my youngest child, I help the children avoid those piles and line the kids up on the sidewalk so they can avoid the same humiliation. Continue reading

Are you running away or walking away?

Walking away sometimes means staying sane.

Walking away sometimes means staying sane.

A long time ago I learned that there was a big difference between running away and walking away from a difficult person or situation.   Running away means you don’t have the courage or resolve to address something.  Walking away means you have the foresight to understand that you will not be able to change someone’s opinions, beliefs or behaviors.  Perhaps you’ve been down a certain road before and finally realize that the road led nowhere.  Instead of walking down that road again, repeating your journey to a dead-end, you decide to go in a different direction.   Walking away sometimes means preserving your sanity. Continue reading