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Your high school reunion. Embrace the beauty within!

its-about-the-person-you-become_smallMy thirty year high school reunion is taking place in July and I will not be able to attend.  In fact, I have been unable to attend any of my reunions due to a business trip, a sick kid, or just not being able to get away.  To be quite honest, I haven’t been so motivated to attend either.  In high school I was reclusive, extremely shy and distrusting.  I wasn’t “in” with the popular crowd, I just kept my head down, went to school and went home.   This was often interpreted as being aloof or “too good” for others. The truth was that I was desperately afraid of rejection from boys and from the young women that were my peers. Continue reading

How to get your “happy” back.

You are in control of your happiness!

You are in control of your happiness!

I believe that it’s important to understand that every day, to some extent, we can make a decision to be happy.  Our emotional well being is something that needs to nurtured. At the same time, we also need to acknowledge the distractions in our life that can contribute to our unease or affect our mood in a negative manner.   The digital age has brought us the internet, email, social media and smart phones.   This constant “noise” can also contribute to a complete overload on our hearts and minds.  The human psyche is not built to handle the weight of all of the busy and sometimes emotional information we are exposed to every single day. Continue reading

Choosing my future daughter-in-law.

This actually happens.  Listen to your soul.

This actually happens. Listen to your soul.

Kidding!  I’m kidding!  I realize I can’t choose my future daughter-in-law.  You can’t choose your own son-in-law.  Perhaps you already have one of each?   I can, however, teach my boys about choosing wisely whether it is a friend or a serious relationship.  I’m going to at least give it the good old college try!  I’m starting early!

You see, I have three sons and occasionally the subject of girls comes up.  These “girls” have gone from icky to pretty almost overnight.  I used to hear quite a bit about how pretty or how cute a girl was until I put a stop to it.  I want my boys to truly understand that there is more to a woman than her looks.   I’ve been telling my boys for years that the most beautiful girl in the world may have the ugliest heart.  They are a bit cautious now and try not to start with the line “this cute girl.”   Instead I hear tales of a smart girl in class, a kind girl next to them or a funny girl they have friended. Continue reading