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Shining a light on fatherhood.

shutterstock_257089360When raising my boy as a single mom, I naively believed I could be both a mother and a father.  Single handedly I planned to work hard and overcompensate so that my son didn’t see any difference when he compared his life with other kids’ lives.  I would love him, support him, cherish him, provide for him and rock my responsibilities.  I had no idea how important a father would be to his development and emotional well-being.

I had no idea.

Today I understand the importance of having a positive male role model in my son’s life.  Both he and I were lucky to have incorporated a variety of influences into his journey towards adulthood.  The impact on his social and emotional development has been beneficial.  Sometimes, as a mom I can be too nurturing which can, in turn, interfere or tip the scale negatively when it comes to my children’s self-esteem.   When mom does everything for her child it also prevents the child from learning independence.  A father’s approach provides the balance to that scale.  Of course, the opposite can also be true.  I think that sometimes men don’t truly understand how much their actions can impact their own child. Continue reading

Turn and face the strange! Ch Ch Changes!

There were certain moments in my life that catapulted my growth as a person.  These moments represented a major change in the status quo, change that required transformation and growth in very challenging and emotional ways.  Today I look at this at the word “change” as symbiotic to the words “living” and “success.”

In fact, having the courage to “Turn and face the strange,” as David Bowie so eloquently put it in his song Changes means that we should not avoid the strange or unknown, but instead we should turn and face it.  Do you know why? Because….

“Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older.” (David Bowie)

It is as simple as that!  The elderly will tell you that their biggest regrets are not comprised of what they have done, they are comprised of what they have NOT done. Continue reading