The back-to-school hangover.

IMG_1226The first week of school is coming to a close.  Every morning I wake up with butterflies in my stomach as I think about the chaos that is about to ensue.  I envy the other mothers who say that their children are independently self-motivated in the morning, because mine are definitely not.  My kids sing while brushing their teeth, and giggle as the toothpaste dribbles down the front of their clean shirts.  My angels hide behind closet and bathroom doors until their brother passes, in order to elicit a wild scream.  My model children spill their milk, drop food on the floor, and need to spend at least 20 minutes in the bathroom every single morning before rushing to make the bus.  Oh let them be late you say?  Sure…you drive in that carpool line from hell!  I haven’t started yelling….yet.  I have, after only three days of school, started to say these annoying words: “TIME CHECK!  6:43!  TIME CHECK! 6:53!  TIME CHECK WE HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW!  LET’S GO YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE WHERE ARE YOU, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARE STILL POOPING!

OK…perhaps I have started to yell.

Then, when the last bus has left the stop, I come home, sit at the kitchen table with another cup of coffee, and wipe the drool from my mouth.  It’s like coming down from an intense sugar high.  I feel deflated, exhausted and not sure what to do next.   I clean up the kitchen (ask my family, I have an issue with my kitchen counter being dirty), throw a load of laundry in the machine, and walk the dogs.  Today I dragged my crashing sugar high bottom to the gym.  As I walked towards the elliptical torture device I was dismayed that some really evil, probably buff and fit gym trainer, has cleaned the mirror and has placed it in my way.  Reflection noted…not good.  I work out hard, you know how hard, the “oh wow my heart rate is through the roof that’s why my face is all red” hard.

I want to stop right now and note that I know your life is tougher.  I’m very lucky and blessed to be home with my kids.  I know that you probably went through all of the above and then went to work, but this is my blog, not yours so carry on girlfriend!  Hats off to you sister!

Later after hitting the shower and putting on some real clothes,  I  realize I have excruciating back pain.   I sit down on my computer to type this post, and it dawns on me that the reason I have back pain is because my pants are too tight.  It’s freaking hot out but I put the sweatpants on anyway.  I have to admit that I did consider putting on pajamas, albeit briefly.

Oh joy!  Kid number one is coming home in 20 minutes!  Perhaps I have time for a yogurt so I steal one from my sister-in-law’s stash.  She’ll never notice unless she actually reads my blog because I’ve hidden the empty cup underneath some paper towels.  Let’s see if she catches me!  We actually share most of our food while we are living together so it’s not as bad as it seems.  Seriously laughing out loud at the moment.

I know that one day I will miss the chaos, but that day is not today.  It has all come full circle.  My brothers and I used to sit in a cramped backseat on family vacation, we would hit each other and say “gotcha last!”  Genetics is a tricky thing and payback is a bitch.

The weekend is near!

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