A letter from us women to our men on Thanksgiving.

Mops are sexy.

Dear Love of My Life,

I love you and I am so thankful for you.

Now, I’m just going to put this out there.  Most men don’t truly understand that helping their woman clean up after Thanksgiving, or doing housework of any kind is FOREPLAY.  We’ve all read the studies, and sex is hardwired into a woman’s brain.  Put down Maxim for a second and stand-by for a newsflash and a free sexy tip.  Cleaning sucks and I usually clean up after you, and that’s OK because I love you, but nothing says that you love me too like a load of laundry or cleaning up after Thanksgiving.   A little help around the house may go a very long way.

Besides the obvious clean-love connection, let’s talk acknowledgement for a second.  When you help around the house you acknowledge that you appreciate me.  Do a load of laundry or….Oh, I can’t even write the words because they are so exciting “actually tell me to go sit down and read my favorite book while you and the kids clean up after that amazing dinner,” says that you love me more than those three words.  You may have to physically lead me to the couch because I will be in denial.   Want to add to that joy?  Give me a glass of wine too!

Now some of your friends may say “hey you bring home the bacon,” but spare me the details.   I too brought home the bacon before your genetic offspring ran my sanity into the ground.  Every day they pummel me and every day I put a smile on my face and sing like Cinderella.  OK, perhaps I’m more like Maleficent but you get my point.  We are a team, but somehow, even if I work, I carry the burden of cleaning up the tornado-like messes in our home.

So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for our love, the family we have built and all of the blessings we have.  Please show me that you are thankful too.  Help me clean up that horror of a mess this Thursday.



Happy Thanksgiving to all that have visited or read my small little blog.  I am so thankful for your comments, your likes, your shares and your friendship, whether virtual or otherwise.  Lots of love and sanity to you all this week!  P.S.  You’re welcome 😉




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