The beauty of making a mistake.

bloggingmidlifequoteMistakes are funny little creatures.  Sometimes they enter your life quietly and alone.  One solitary single mistake enters your life and you learn from it and make a conscious decision not to repeat it.   Other times a mistake will bring friends.  The first one enters into your life, and then a year later an identical one shows up again and again and again.  Until…..until you find the focus and strength to raise your head and say “ah…perhaps I keep repeating history, keep repeating my mistakes, and perhaps it is time to learn so that I can stop the insanity.”  This is the point at which you truly succeed.  The point at which you are able to overcome adversity and become a better person.

But then there are the nastiest and sneakiest mistakes of all.  These are the ones that make you live in fear.  These are the ones that make you doubt the beauty and goodness in the world.  These are the ones that attack your inner being and your inner soul.  They shake your confidence, your belief in love, trust and all things that makes life worth living.  Don’t be fooled by them, they are the obstacles to happiness.  Find your inner strength and believe in yourself.  Take the time to face that mistake.  Look at it and see why it was able to enter your life to begin with.  Fix that.  Even though these nasty and sneaky mistakes can hurt you and make you doubt yourself, they can also be the catalyst for true change.  These are the biggest mistakes that you can make.

Face your mistakes and face yourself and the world will be yours.

This is the simple truth of the human condition.  Our beautiful imperfectness and the chaos of it all.  If you are human you will make mistakes.  If you are wise you will learn from those mistakes.  Be kind to yourself and give your heart permission to move on.  True success comes to those who use adversity to become a better person.

Never stop trying to be better.  Let go of the past and look towards the future.  It is bright.

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