All I want for Christmas is….

Not quite the family Christmas card but it will do!

Not quite the family Christmas card but it will do!

Oh the season to be jolly!  Once again I find myself not quite able to make that Christmas card deadline but thank goodness I have this wonderful channel called the internet!   I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Dwali and well, let’s all just say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here’s my Christmas list.  If you see the big fat red guy please remind him that I’ve been a good girl.

For Christmas I would like.

1.  The ability to walk outside at night without fear.

2.  Someone to cook and clean for me for at least one week.  For just one week Santa please give me a wife.  Make sure she also does laundry.

3.  Boobs for all women that are breast cancer free!

4.  Meaningful conversation at a party.  I suck at chit chat but I can do wonders with real topics.

5.  A career.  Yes I know I had one but to really do what I dream of doing I’d need a wife and I suspect that’s only wishful thinking.

6.  Guaranteed health for my children.  Guaranteed protection for them against serious and fatal diseases of any kind.

7.  Free airline tickets and availability to travel anywhere over the holidays…for my family.  I’ll be sitting by the fire reading.  Just kidding!  Scratch that one.

8.  Some insight into the meaning of life.  Just a little bit OK?

9.  Sweets without the diabetes or additional weight.  If I can only have one sweet then make it chocolate chip cookies.

10.  An absence of mommy guilt in my life, mine and everyone else’s.

11.  A thicker skin.  Note…I did not say thicker fat cells.  I said thicker skin.

12.  Patience.  I’m surrounded by three boys.  I need more of this. Make that four boys if you include my husband.

13.  Wisdom.  I think I have a lot of this but then I look at TED Talks and know I suck at it.

14.  Tolerance. For others.  For myself.  The media has been horrendous and I’ve been all over the map with my feelings about recent events.  We need more tolerance Santa.

15.  Balance, both physical and mental.   I’m starting to work on this but could use some mental help.

16.  More laughter, lots more…laughter is my favorite!  More friends that laugh.

17.  Less germs at my childrens’ school.

18.  Someone to help with Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and baking cookies.  See #2.

19.  Personal acceptance and love.  The ability to turn all of the love I send outward and point it in…just a little bit.

20.  Peace on earth.

Merry Christmas to you all.  Remember….the most important things that you have in life cannot be easily taken from you.  Your family, your ability to love and to be loved and your health – these things are what makes life worth living.

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