The New Year’s resolution to keep.

bekindToday is New Year’s Eve and I am so grateful to have had a healthy and happy Christmas.   My family and I have enjoyed many lazy pajama days this past week!  Although I’m not a big New Year’s eve kind of girl, I do have one resolution this year.  This one resolution is so powerful that is has the potential to bring happiness and beauty to your life.  This resolution can also have positive effects on your health, your mind and your body.

Be kinder to yourself.

Let’s start with something I believe all women do.  Every day many of us wake up and decide to be our own judge and jury.  Perhaps we don’t like the laugh lines on our face that seem to be laughing back at us in the mirror.  Maybe our sweatpants are a bit snug (OK that one was me), or maybe at the end of the day we feel like we could have been a bit more productive.  What do we do with those feelings?  Not only do we “feel” them, we have a tendency to roll around in them and start to engage in negative self talk.

No more!  Be kinder to that beautiful person in the mirror.  Treat yourself as if you were a loyal and true friend.  Be encouraging, be wise, and appreciate all of the goodness that is you.  Wake up every day with a clean slate, a new outlook and breathe in an appreciation for your beautiful mind, body and spirit.

This is my resolution this year and I hope you will join me.  I will be kinder to myself and embrace the wonderful imperfection that is me.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “The New Year’s resolution to keep.

  1. Karen

    Great resolution!! As always perfect timing as I was trying to figure out what to squeeze into for tonight. Now I know, a new attitude! Happy new year!!!!

  2. Brenda, your biggest fan

    Beautiful words once again from my very insightful and wise friend. I plan to be kinder to myself and hope all those that I love do the same.


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