Kids at play, keep the poop away!

curbdogDear neighbor:

I think you know who you are, you’re the one who thinks it’s perfectly fine for your dog to take a big old stinky dump at our kids’ bus stop.  Forget the motivational posts that I usually post, this one’s for you.

Those of us who have had dogs or currently own dogs, know that the days are now gone when you could leave a great old pile of stinky feces and hope that no one will notice.   We notice and our kids notice.  In fact, one of our children stepped in that pile and had to endure a day of ridicule because he smelled up the bus.  Thanks for that.  I hope that when your child or grandchildren become of school age they don’t have to endure that humiliation.  When I stand at the bus stop with my youngest child, I help the children avoid those piles and line the kids up on the sidewalk so they can avoid the same humiliation.

Our HOA has given you a big hint by putting up a “pick-up-after your damn dog” sign at the bus stop, and has added nice little bags for you to use.  Still you walk on by and let Rover use it as his or her private toilet.  I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you don’t know that our children stand at that bus stop every morning.  We know it’s a big dog…guess how?  That’s right, it’s the kind of poop that can be put into a nice brown paper bag and put on your doorstep…….not that I would do that.

I don’t care what color the door to your house is, nor do I care about the fact that you are building a deck.  I do care about cleaning up after your dogs because it affects the kids.  We know that you’re still allowing your dog to poop at the bus stop because the children have created a new game.  The game is called “Poop Touch.”  Yup, that’s right, similar to the cheese touch scene in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book, this game involves alienating anyone who steps in that poop.  Then the kids go around and touch and tag each other so they can pass on the “Poop Touch.”

Isn’t that great?

As adults we may giggle at this little game but it’s not really funny.  It’s just one more way for kids to be ridiculed.  The fact that the kids have now created a game centered around their bus stop and POOP tells you how often they step in it, see it, avoid it and detest it.  So how about it?  Clean that shit up.


Your Neighbor.   No really…LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR especially the little ones, our children.

5 thoughts on “Kids at play, keep the poop away!

  1. AnnMarie

    After all the orchestrating to FYI this neighbor…really? at this juncture the poop should be left on their doorstep!

  2. Brenda

    I agree…no more beating around the poop! Print this and post it on their front door or stick it in their mailbox. Enough Is enough.

  3. Susan

    I’m thinking you should take a picture of the dog and person in the act. There are many things you can do with it… Maybe even hang it up on the sign next to the bus stop.

  4. Katrina

    I agree with all the comments, and I would leave a brown bag on their front doorstep, let them see how it feels to step in it……………from one New Yorker to the another…….WELL SAID!!!!


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