Discipline and success, let’s do this!

This applies to all aspects of our lives!

This applies to all aspects of our lives!

Today’s society often focuses on instant gratification.   Hungry?  Eat that piece of pizza.  Tired?  Take a nap.   Overwhelmed with all of the tasks ahead of you?  Watch TV and call in sick to work.  Stressed out?  Have a glass of wine.    Unhappy in your marriage?  Have an affair.  Feel a little bit older?  Buy a car you can’t afford.

Instant gratification is part of our human nature.  However, indulging in this practice over and over and over again leads to only one thing.  Consistently focusing on the short-term means leaving your goals by the wayside.

Open the door to the power of the word “discipline.”

Discipline is about delaying gratification in order to achieve your true goals.  This is how you succeed.   You can’t be rewarded for the work you don’t do.  I think some of us have difficulty achieving our goals because we don’t look at our lives in the long-term.  We have what it takes to succeed.  YOU have what it takes to succeed.  The key is to stop grabbing for the quick fixes or the instant coping mechanisms that side track your progress.  Delaying gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards is discipline.  This ability is the prerequisite for success.

So what are some of your goals?  What instant gratification moments interfere with attaining those goals?  Let’s think long-term, and let’s start to practice discipline.  This is what will put you on the right track to success.  It’s only February!  Let’s do this!



3 thoughts on “Discipline and success, let’s do this!

  1. Rachelle Bissessar

    Amen! I think about this each and every day….certainly for myself (but not so eloquently), but also for my boys. Such an important truth to be mindful of as a young person.


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