Your high school reunion. Embrace the beauty within!

its-about-the-person-you-become_smallMy thirty year high school reunion is taking place in July and I will not be able to attend.  In fact, I have been unable to attend any of my reunions due to a business trip, a sick kid, or just not being able to get away.  To be quite honest, I haven’t been so motivated to attend either.  In high school I was reclusive, extremely shy and distrusting.  I wasn’t “in” with the popular crowd, I just kept my head down, went to school and went home.   This was often interpreted as being aloof or “too good” for others. The truth was that I was desperately afraid of rejection from boys and from the young women that were my peers.

Now that I am in my late forties (gasp), I would have liked to attend one of our reunions for the sheer fact that I believe we have all come into our own.  All of my classmates have become their true selves.   I would have loved to reconnect and introduce the real me while at the same time seeing them for who they have truly become.  Yes, we all look older, but I wouldn’t trade my laugh lines for the insecurities of my past.   I have learned to embrace the beauty within.

So, as the name tags get attached to the shirts, the yearbooks come out and the reminiscing begins, I hope that these same classmates have the courage to discard preconceived notions.  I hope they discard the labels that may have been placed on themselves in high school and that they laugh, share and shine.  Don’t worry about the laugh lines, the extra weight or whether or not your clothes fit exactly right.  Bring your smile and the twinkle in your eye.  Bring pictures of your experiences, your family, your pets, your job and your travel.

Hi, my  name is Lorraine Lundqvist and I like to live, laugh and love!   I wish I could finally meet you.  Perhaps at our thirty five year reunion!





12 thoughts on “Your high school reunion. Embrace the beauty within!

    1. raineyva

      Absolutely Renee! I wish I could be there! I won’t even be on the east coast during July. I’ve made so many new old friends…it is an opportunity! Hugs to you!

    1. Rainey Post author

      Thank you Ken. It means a lot that you read my blog with everything you have going on in your life and in Ryans. Love to all.


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