Do you still have dreams?

dreamWe talk about dreaming big in my house. Let me correct that statement for a second…I speak to my kids and my husband about fulfilling their dreams.  I’m a great motivational speaker, just ask my family and friends.  This morning I was on FIRE!  I was speaking to my son about his dreams, his brothers’ dreams and his father’s dreams. Today my talent for motivational speaking backfired on me. My son turned to me and said “Umm…mom, what are your dreams? Surely you have some?”

I opened my mouth. I closed my mouth. For once I was at a loss for words. I started to stammer.  “Umm, well….I have accomplished a lot. I have a home, financial security, a good husband, great kids, a career and now my role is to support my family so they can achieve their dreams.”

That didn’t satisfy him.  He pushed a bit more and my mind started to race and list all of the reasons why I didn’t have the time for my own personal dreams.  My list sounded a lot like the reason why I don’t have time to workout.  My primary role in life is to serve as the solid foundation for my family.  Sure I’m doing other stuff, but doing other stuff is not quite the same as a dream.  I’ve become a full-time scheduler, coordinator and worrier and I’m really good at it!

And yet…..

Wouldn’t it be nice?  After all, it really doesn’t matter how old you are or the fact that maybe you have accomplished the big scary stuff that you were always so worried about.   There’s always room for improvement, and there’s always room for a dream.  It doesn’t have to be big, it only needs to be yours.

So I’ve decided to think about this some more.  I believe I’ve come up with two dreams.  They are both attainable and they will both take hard work and commitment.   It really helped to formalize the thoughts in my head.  How about you?  Take a second to separate yourself from the chaos that seems to be ongoing.  What are your dreams?  Write them down!  Take baby steps each week and cherish what is yours.

You are never too old to dream.  Live big.  Dream big!

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