Summertime and the sensitive soul.

Like-most-sensitive-souls-you-already-knowWhen I was a young woman I believed in the goodness of all people.  I was naive and applied my own emotions to others.  Intellectually I didn’t understand the differences in values and perspective that humans have.   I also didn’t understand that I was a highly sensitive soul.   I learned this truth much later in life and could have saved myself a lot of heartache and pain had I listened to the repeated idioms my parents loved to share during my childhood.  One of my mom’s favorite was “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck….it’s a duck.”  The other phrase she used was “When someone tells you who they are…believe them (unless it’s posted on Facebook).

I will be the first to admit that I am highly sensitive.  I pick up on passive aggressive comments, judgements, snarky compliments and judgmental input from those around me on a regular basis and I’m sure you do also.  However, because I am highly sensitive, I also internalize it and feel the tiny pinpricks on my heart.  As a result I tend to be more reclusive than others because I can only take so much.

I cannot change this fact about myself and I have stopped trying.
Last year I wrote this post about Recharging my batteries.  It’s that time again.  I’m off to Sweden with my two youngest children while my husband and my eldest son stay home and hold down the fort.  It’s my time to cut out all of the noise.  I won’t listen to my voicemails….OK that one is ridiculous because I never listen to my voicemails and I just deleted 42 of them without listening to them.  My time on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram will be at a severe minimum.  I may not see these “important” posts during the summer.exercise

What will I be doing this summer?  I will be undoing the damage of the last two weeks caused by allowing my kids to play video games 24/7.  I swear that this has affected their personalities and has increased the bickering in my house.  I will be splitting wood and carrying it into piles for my father-in-law in an attempt to get back into shape.  I hope to see some of my friends in Sweden and drink coffee and play KUBB.  In essence, I will be cutting out the noise and enjoying a stress free summer.  I will be healing my sensitive soul.

Have a wonderful summer and I hope you find those moments of peace and happiness that you deserve!

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