Parental contract with my child’s teacher.

Dear Teacher:

studentEvery year you start out with a decorated classroom and a twinkle in your eye.  When June arrives you sometimes look a bit frazzled, a bit tired, and seem to long for summer vacation.   My children start school in just a few days.   It strikes me how many moms are so happy that it is time to send their children to school.    They forget that although they get a much-needed break, they are passing their sweet little children to you.  For the next ten months you will care for them, teach them, guide them and sometimes handle the frustration that comes with herding a bunch of wild cats.  We moms will be working, going to the gym and having lunch with friends while lamenting that the “kids get home soon!”

So I sit here with my cup of coffee thinking what I can do to support you more.  Support that goes beyond volunteering, purchasing school supplies and going to back-to-school night.   Here’s my parental contract.  Perhaps there have been many similar blog posts, but this one is mine.

I  Lorraine Lundqvist promise to support my child’s education and his teacher by providing the following services.

  1.  I will make sure my child gets enough sleep each night.
  2. I will feed my child breakfast.  I will not use the excuse “oh he doesn’t like breakfast,” because I understand that when you are teaching him something difficult at 11am he can only focus on lunch, especially if he hasn’t eaten since the night before.
  3. I will support my child with his homework not do his homework.  I will help him learn how to be more independent and responsible with his assignments.  I will be his advocate.
  4. I will take responsibility for my child’s behavior, his actions in your classroom and my own responses to it.  If he stole Jane’s pencil he will give it back.  If he talks too much during a lesson I will handle it.  I will not ignore your concerns or dismiss it as a failing on your part.  I will take responsibility for my child and teach him to do so as well.
  5. I will continue to teach him to be more independent and therefore build his confidence at home.  He can pop a waffle into the toaster and he can organize his own binder.  These lessons will help you during your long day.
  6. If I can, I will volunteer in the classroom.  I will be YOUR volunteer, not a volunteer that insists that you have Pinterest worthy parties or activities that put more on your shoulders.
  7. I will reinforce the golden rule to my child and that golden rule will include how he treats other students and how he treats you.  He will be respectful, courteous and kind.
  8. I will shut down the video games, gadgets and electronics during the school week.  I will spend time with him instead, listen to him, and will help him sort through the emotions of his day.
  9. I will not over schedule him, contribute to his stress or deplete his energy.  He is a child and I will help him enjoy his childhood in between the crazy moments of the year.  I will treat my time with him as snippets of summer vacation.  There will still be snuggles, outings and time as a family.  I hope this will reflect back in the classroom.
  10. I will not send my child to school when he is sick.  I will make sure he makes up missed work.

I hope to help you keep that twinkle in your eye and make your year just a bit brighter.  Thank you….thank you so much for being a teacher.  Let’s do this!

Lorraine “I love my minions” Lundqvist.

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