Turn and face the strange! Ch Ch Changes!

There were certain moments in my life that catapulted my growth as a person.  These moments represented a major change in the status quo, change that required transformation and growth in very challenging and emotional ways.  Today I look at this at the word “change” as symbiotic to the words “living” and “success.”

In fact, having the courage to “Turn and face the strange,” as David Bowie so eloquently put it in his song Changes means that we should not avoid the strange or unknown, but instead we should turn and face it.  Do you know why? Because….

“Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older.” (David Bowie)

It is as simple as that!  The elderly will tell you that their biggest regrets are not comprised of what they have done, they are comprised of what they have NOT done.

That little voice in your head?  That voice insists on being heard.  It is the voice of change.  Perhaps you need a new career, a change of scenery, a renewed focus on your health, on your mental state, a nudge towards slowing down, speeding up or taking a chance.  Don’t ignore these calls to action.  Do not be afraid.  Take it one step at a time and live your life.  It is yours to live.

Have faith in your God given ability to live and to grow.  It’s a new year!

Some of you may be questioning what changes I will be making.  I have a couple:

  1. The recovery from my surgery is now at a point that I can engage in more physical activity.  I want to get strong and fit.  Note I say “strong” and “fit” not emaciated and weak.  I’m going to change my sedentary lifestyle.  I’m embarrassed to say this but I have stayed away from the doctor because I refused to get on a scale.  Well the secret is out now.  I need to get my blood sugar tested and face the music.  I have cut out sugar.  I would have killed for a cookie today.  Major withdrawal symptoms over here in my house!
  2. I am going to be more brave for my children.  I am not proud of this but sometimes I am so afraid that my kids will fail at something that I don’t push them to try.  This is especially true with sports.  I’m getting better at this but was so tempted to gloss over spring sports.  Yesterday my sons came to me and said that they want to play spring lacrosse.  Internally I groaned.  Externally I rejoiced.  I will sit by those sidelines, cheer them on and be brave.  I will support them in their own lives.
  3. I will walk my dogs.  I have become super invisible fence lazy.  They need more stimulation and my foot is almost healed.  The walks will begin.
  4. I will change my reaction to my husband’s stress levels and my own stress levels.  As soon as we both went back to our usual routines I saw a chasm open up between us as we started to deal with life’s daily challenges.  I will try to be conscious of what stress does to our family and try to be more in the moment.
  5. I will start writing more.  Maybe it will be within this blog.  Maybe I’ll start something bigger.  It happens this year.  It may mean I have to be more efficient.  I can do this!

These changes are all attainable. Onward my friends!  Do you have a change that needs to be made?  Do you need to be more conscious about a situation in your life?  Turn and face it!

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” – Jim Rohn.


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