Mommy medical degrees. Moms! You rock!

Sick kid humorMy eldest son is twenty years old.  When he was younger he had sensory issues.  He hated to color and would complain that his hands hurt.  He couldn’t stand to wear jeans because they were too scratchy.  Strong smells caused him to get sick whether we were in a restaurant, at a school event or in church. This doesn’t even include the normal childhood illnesses.   I’ve seen more than my share of vomit, stitches and broken bones.

When I got remarried I thought it would be a great idea to have two more kids.  There’s an age gap of eleven years between my eldest and my youngest child.  Do you know what that really means?  It means that I have had twenty years of uninterrupted and constant childhood sickness in my home and I have another ten years ahead of me!   My house is a wreck.  To top it all off, I have three BOYS so we have had several cases of man flu when they are not truly sick.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve earned my medical degree.

A new mother will post on Facebook and say that her 18 month old child has a fever and is drooling saliva but the doctor says a fever does not come with teething so perhaps the child is sick?  Does that doctor have kids?  It just makes me want to scream.   Give that kid some infant Motrin because every single one of our kids had a fever with teething!

It is amazing how much experience a mother acquires with ongoing sickness in the home.  Here I am again.  I haven’t written a post in weeks and do you want to know why?  One week virus.  Two weeks flu.  One week stomach bug.  My friends have been in the same boat.   I adore my friends.  It truly takes a village.  We all text each other asking for advice, input and remedies to get our kids back to school healthy and happy.  Thank goodness it is Spring now because all of these little germ carrying minions of ours need to get the heck outside!  Go get dirty and build up your immune systems because we can’t take it anymore!

So the creative well is dry at the moment.  I did however want to shout out to all of you Moms that are in the trenches every single day just by virtue of choosing to be a mother.  You rock!  Also a shout-out to my mom and all of the moms that raised us and nursed us back to health during our childhood years.  We understand now.  We truly understand.

Motherhood.  It is definitely not for the weak!

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