Political posts, rants and Facebook.

401af15529c096a70da250cbbf5cf78cNothing makes people more miserable on social media than political posts and rants on Facebook.  I respect your choice to support a different candidate and to vote for your candidate.  I respect your freedom to write whatever you want on Facebook.   Here are some of my thoughts on the subject and why you may want to think again before you post that next status update.

  1. Reading your political rant may lead people to believe that you truly think that spitting out words of hate, resentment and bigotry is OK.  This is about your moral character.   Your words say more about you than your candidate.  Be smart.
  2. Life is not black and white.  There are shades of gray, pink, purple, blue and green.  Whether it is on Facebook or in a simple conversation, stating absolutes make you look a bit naive.  Life simply doesn’t work that way.  People are not black and white, even if they are running for office.
  3. Nasty nicknames for our politicians are stupid.  Only bullies use negative nicknames.
  4. Both candidates in this presidential election ask every U.S. citizen to vote for the lesser evil. I would almost say this is unprecedented and points to a bigger lack of accountability within both major parties.
  5. Political rants that are continuously one-sided do not solve anything.  Our voices should be shouting our disdain and contempt with the leaders of our parties, not with each other.
  6. If you ask people to unfriend you on Facebook because they disagree with you then don’t be shocked when they do.
  7. The media is biased.  I don’t care if you are a fan of Fox News, CNN, MSN, Washington Post or any other outlet.  The Onion is not a reputable news source either.  Nothing make me laugh more than seeing someone post a spoof news source to support their political stance.   Verify your information before posting on Facebook.
  8. Your point is being lost when you rant.  Write about the issues.  Write about the positive positions your candidate takes.  That is interesting.  That is intelligent.  That could sway me.   Anger and emotion do not sway people.
  9. Politics is very similar to religion.  Hating on a political party or a religious belief because it is not yours is one thing….hatred.
  10. You can now turn off all political rants on Facebook.  Here’s how.



When you read this, please know that this is not necessarily about one single person that I see in my news feed but a culmination of years of politics and posts that we all have had to weather.   I have actually stopped following all Facebook friends that insist on continuously posting on politics.    I have been visiting Facebook less and less these days, not necessarily only because of politics but because of many of the posturing and self branding that goes on that has become tiresome and unhealthy to read every single day.  The people I follow make me laugh, make me think, and share their memories and stories of their lives.  The list of people I follow are ones that I socialize with, college friends that I miss, family that I love and high school friends that make me laugh.  Facebook is YOUR tool.  Use it.  Change your settings and be actively in touch with people who contribute to a healthy and positive outlook on life.

Political rant over.  ;0)

One thought on “Political posts, rants and Facebook.

  1. Katrina

    I could not agree more!!!! I too, have found myself on FB less and less, just click in when I have a moment to see pics and fun posts of loved ones. As for politics, you hit it right on!!!!!!! Love Ya!!!!!!


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