Taking a break from the revealing world of blogging!

blogging-cookiesI’m struggling with content for my blog.  It’s not writer’s block or lack of motivation.  I’m wrestling with ethics.  When I started to write posts for my blog, I did so with the intention of reaching peoples’ hearts.  I wanted to make a difference, be relatable and hopefully help someone in the process.  I shared stories of love, marriage, divorce, children and friendship.  Some of my posts were well received.  Life went on and larger topics loomed.  Then I hit a wall.  Blogging is so personal and sometimes it can be almost like walking on a tight rope.

When is writing about a topic hurting someone more than helping them?

My ex-husband reached out to me one day about one of my divorce posts that I had written two years ago.  He didn’t like what I had written.  I was very defensive.  I have always tried to be extremely careful with how I presented our past.  I even sent him some other posts he had not read.  I explained to him that my intent was to inspire and lift up others.

And it got me thinking.   If inspiring followers resulted in embarrassing the father of my first child, regardless of whether that was intentional or not, then I had to question if it was even worth it.  I kept writing but stayed away from topics that were so incredibly personal.  The blog started to feel forced.

Blogging is very personal.  Subject matter and inspiration come from real life.  To be truly successful at blogging you have to open up but in doing so you can risk your personal relationships.  Why?  Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  There are people involved in each and every one of our lives.

My kids struggled but I did not write about it because I didn’t want to embarrass them.  My “village” lost friends to tragedy and I did not write about it because pain is not to be exploited.  Friendship lessons were learned but friendship is about trust so I did not write about it.  We ourselves had a career change and are in the middle of transition and my husband and I want to keep our plans private.

Lots of content that should not be shared.

This leaves me at a crossroads with blogging and a need to reflect on how I want to proceed in the future.  I’ve decided to put it on hold while I think about the impact it has on my own personal integrity and authenticity.

So for now I am silencing the voices in my head.

Until I write again…..


4 thoughts on “Taking a break from the revealing world of blogging!

  1. Karen Albright

    I’m sure that was very difficult to write. I’m just starting my In The Middle of A Life blog following my second divorce but have so far only written about a man I dated briefly and I changed his name. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Thank you.

    1. raineyva

      You are so welcome! Good luck with your blog! I have enjoyed writing so many of my posts. I will look for it and follow.

  2. Katrina

    You have always been a great judge of character, and in sharing your experiences, joy and pain, you have reached out and helped more individuals then you will every really know. There will always be someone with a complaint, or a negative comment, and in this world, that is a definite. Follow your heart, if it burns in you to share with others, I know you will do it in the best way possible. We all feel a little more reassured that life will be okay, when we read or hear of something that someone has gone through similar to our own life events, we think, THANK GOD, it isn’t just in my house! Enjoy your break, but don’t go to far………….the world needs lots more of your wonderful words and incite on this life of a roller coaster ride!!

    1. Rachelle

      Couldn’t agree more. Lorraine is an amazing writer and person, and I believe has been so very kind and respectful. But break if you must, Lorraine. ?


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