The Immortal Life

Today I read an article stating that researchers at Harvard University have made a scientific breakthrough on reversing the aging process.  Apparently the reason why we “age” is because just like marriages and friendships when communication breaks down so do our cells.  The communication skills of our cells break down!  “Hey you over there!  Yeah you, the one that puts color in this woman’s hair, get back to work!”   The article went on to say that through their research on mice they have managed to reverse certain aging processees.  Hopefully an immortal mouse doesn’t make a break for it!

OK so that’s my simplified version of the article.  To read the entire article check out this link in a browser:

The article brings up a very important ethical dilemma.  Should we reverse the aging process to the point where, save an unexpected accident or fatal disease, we could significantly extend our lives?  It’s clear we would have even more of a resource issue on Mother Earth.  Then, of course, there’s the boredom factor, can we amuse ourselves for a longer period of time or perhaps because our life span would be “different,” would we create new phases of our lives?  Would you go back to school and become a doctor?  Learn how to play the piano?  Read more books?  Have more children? What would you do?  Would the world governments allow procreation?  What if procreation was then outlawed or restricted, would that mean that the evolution and progression of humans would grind to a halt?  

Today scientists believe that at best it would extend our lives, allowing people to live to a healthier “old age” and extend life to an average of 150 years.  This would mean that I am no longer in the phase of mid life!  Yay me!   The real solid use for this study (again I am simplifying) is that it could be used to reverse age related disease especially those diseases that strike children such as Progeria.  Now that would be something.

My advice?  Go back to school, learn how to play the piano, enjoy the children you have or the family you have around you.  Enjoy every minute of life today because regardless of how science progresses, nothing is forever.  Sooner or later the jig is up!

5 thoughts on “The Immortal Life

  1. Ann Marie

    I agree with your post that nothing is forever…. i don’t think we need to extend our lives for 150 years.. i don’t want to live that long. i would DEFINATELY get bored..and way too tired ..

  2. Ralph

    Enjoying the blog. Sorry I didn’t get to it until now.

    Have to say you missed this one though. You are still under the delusion that we are human bodies with a soul. Wen we are actually souls inside of a temporary body. While you can make the body last longer, in the end, the shell dissolves and the spirit continues. The real question is – – – how do you maintain a healthy soul?

    1. Rainey Post author

      This made me laugh. We need our own tag line; challenging each other since 1983. Not even sure if it was 83. How do you maintain a healthy soul? I guess that “is” what I am writing about in the end.


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