Away we go!

IMG_7927My mind is constantly going, sometimes in directions that make me question my own sanity. This may explain why I absolutely loved the show Ally McBeal. Do you remember that show? If you do, please que Barry White and get your waddles out! If you have no clue what I am referring to please search youtube right now! My life is full of Ally McBeal moments and I secretly believe that your life is too. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Take my newest quest for fitness, my new Fitbit Force tracker aka the fancy pedometer! Last night I put that darn thing on my wrist and went to sleep. Upon awakening I pressed the button and voila, I had 385 steps! No….it’s not like when you watch your dog sleep and he twitches and runs in his dreams, the steps were gained in a much more interesting mid life ish that’s not a word but who cares kind of way. The steps came from stumbling several times to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (que unisex bathroom from Ally McBeal and start dancing). Up and down, up and down, back and forth those squats brought me to 385 steps. I was well on my way to fitness! Take that midlife spread!

So my new Fitbit Tracker was given to me by my husband for Christmas.  He’s a gadget freak and more on him later.  This is my new fancy pedometer designed to tell me I’m not moving enough and that perhaps a trip to the gym is in order.  I’m thinking about telling my calorie counter app that I’m actually swimming for hours and since my tracker is not waterproof it’s not recording the calories and hence I can eat that chocolate truffle.  I’m not sure that is how it’s supposed to work though.

Someone please tell me when it’s time to put on purple pants and a big wide hat and stop caring.

5 thoughts on “Away we go!

  1. AnnMarie Moresky via Facebook

    You go girl! just read it! love it..Most of my Ally McBeal moments actually come out of my mouth & i either embarrass myself or have a room full of laughter…

  2. Lorraine Trahey Gorman via Facebook

    I remember Ally McBeal well and was thinking of checking it out again soon on Netflix. Hard to believe it piloted 15 years ago. :-O I remember how much that dancing baby was a hit too! Glad to see your blog, I bet it will be a better motivator than the fitbit force!

  3. Katrina Sabella via Facebook

    Talent, my dear, you definitely have, I too, loved Ally McBeal, and I have one question….how many friggin times did you go to the bathroom that night, lol…..congrats my dear friend, I look forward to you future blogs.

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