Babies are NOT like puppies.

Hey there.  So you’re going to have a baby?  That sounds so wonderful!  Babies are cute and snuggly, and there’s nothing like the smell of a newborn and the feeling that comes with becoming a new mom.   Babies are not like puppies.  You see, puppies grow up just like babies do, but the time we have on this earth with our beloved pets is way too short while the time we have on this earth with our babies, if lucky, lasts our entire lifetime.  That’s a good thing.  That’s a commitment.   It also means that your baby will forever change you.

Hey there.  So you’re going to have a baby?  Did anyone tell you that in order to have a baby you need to lose a piece of your heart for, well forever?  If you have more than one baby you must give up even more pieces until you are no longer the owner of your heart.   Say goodbye to your heart.  You no longer own it.  Oh you love your husband?  Sorry…I didn’t mean to laugh or giggle or chuckle.  Let me know how much you love him when you feel mother love.

Hey there.  So you’re going to have a baby?  Get ready to feel really uncomfortable.  No, I’m not talking birth or weight gain or loss of privacy and time.  I’m referring to your transition into a lioness who is constantly questioning fairness, the quality of friendships, lessons that need to be learned, the school system, the daycare and everything else that is out there in the wild.  You are no longer human.  You are a lioness.

Hey there.  So you’re going to have a baby?  I hope you like looking in the mirror.  No…not at your makeup or your new hair style.  Your little human offspring will constantly hold up a mirror and show you your flaws, your fears and insecurities, and your imperfections on a daily basis.  You will learn more about yourself than your own child.  Hold onto your hat!  It’s a wild ride!  You will grow as a person and as a woman in ways that you could’ve never predicted.

Hey there. So you’re going to have a baby?  Get ready to experience loss.  You will love them fiercely and invest so much time into raising them and then they will leave you.  See ya!  Yes they will call you.  Sometimes.  You will have to get used to not having them in your life every single day.  It’s not fair but that’s how it works.  Your snuggly baby becomes a full-grown human and goes out on their own.  They may fall in love, may have a career, may move to another country and will always love you but you will miss them fiercely and maybe just maybe….

So you’re going to be a grandma?






One thought on “Babies are NOT like puppies.

  1. Mom

    LOVE this…It is so insightful and so true….
    My Italian grandmother used to say that “your children are only on loan to you”…..but the beauty in this wonderful circle of life is….You watch your children raise their children AND…to top it off you get grandchildren to love and spoil. Life is good!


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